3 Tips to help reduce costs and boost productivity in your workforce

Jane Webber
Apr 28, 2016

Stronger competition, economic pressure, thinner margins, increased legislation, less time and more pressure.  Just a few of the challenges that are driving all organisations to find new ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve profitability. 

The need for organisations to identify inefficiencies and drive performance costs are now at the top of managers “must do” priority lists. The chance to decrease operating costs, increase productivity often means looking at your workforce, who represents the largest % of a business operating costs.  By looking to implement a workforce management solution, the automation of workforce planning, scheduling, attendance, the majority of organisations can see improved bottom line results.


Never double book a workforce member again

Using a paper based diary or an excel spreadsheet, means it is impossible to easily see, especially when under time pressures, if the staff member or a volunteer is already committed elsewhere.  You book them in for a shift, visit or event, and then they contact you back to say that they can’t do the shift.  Or you find out at the last moment that you need someone urgently because you have double-booked a workforce member.  This could lead to paying overtime to another member of staff or asking a volunteer to take on extra responsibility at the last moment.


Stop overpaying

Is your current system costing you money?  Does it manage complex pay rules fairly and accurately?  Pay them too much; your bottom line will be affected.  Underpay them and this causes employee dissatisfaction.  Stop any guesswork and automate and enforce pay rules with an  workforce management solution.  The rules can be as simple or as complex to suit your business.  Worried about clocking in and out for shifts?  Most workforce management solutions provide time recording solutions to reduce fraudulent clocking – by using biometrics, barcodes, badge swipes or even SMS check in.


Shrink your administration costs

How much time do your Operations team or HR department lose days because they are  managing workforce or volunteer requests?  Why not let your workforce or volunteers find the information they require themselves by providing a workforce portal where all relevant information can be stored.  They can access their shift information, locations, put in holiday requests, see emails and upload their own documents such as certificates, driving licences etc.  You can even limit the functions they can use.


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