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Is there any equipment to buy or software to install?

No, Get Scheduled is cloud based and accessed via recommended internet browsers so no expensive servers are required and there is no software to install. Just bring a device and an internet connection and away you go.

Is my information secure?

Yes, all system access is via SSL ensuring transmitted data is secure. We also host in secure UK compliant hosting facilities providing you with the resaurance you need that we take security seriously.

What about hosting and backups?

We've got that covered. Your licence fee includes system management, monitoring, hosting and backups ensuring you don't have to worry about a thing.

Does the fee include system updates?

We are comitteed to offering the best possible service, With that in mind we provide all system updates for free and we'll keep you informed of up coming and exciting new features. 

What happens to my information if I decide to end my subscription?

All information can be easily exported to Excel files for your records and is available on request.

Can I change my plan?

Yes you can easily change you plan...even mid-month. You'll just pay to the end of the calendar month and the new plan will take effect from the start of the following month.

Do we have a mobile app?

Our interfaces have been designed to work on mobile without the need for a seperate mobile app. Our extensive research told us that administrators used the desktop to manage their scheduling and so the console has been optimised in this way.






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