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Some of the best solutions are born out of necessity. 2009 was the year, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics was the brief. Get Scheduled's co-founder had a need to manage a multi-skilled workforce across more than 16 geographically dispersed venues. Having worked from spreadsheets to schedule his workforce it became clear this wasn't scalable, was time consuming and led to errors. And this was before he worked at co-coordinating his team by phone, managing staff on-site and tracking costs. There had to be a better way...

Get Scheduled was born and since then has evolved to become the comprehensive workforce management software it is today. With scheduling at its core additional features and modules have been developed to complement key aspects of the system and provide a extensive offering.

But we've never lost sight of one of our core strengths. Our customer service as key to our continued success as the software is with numerous testimonials to back it up. We're also proud the software has been recognised by our clients and industry as a go to solution for workforce management, resulting in a number of award nominations.

From clients such as the Ryder Cup, Commonwealth Games and Rugby World Cup to start-ups and small medium businesses, we've proved Get Scheduled is ideal for multiple sectors and organisations of all sizes.

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