Security Staff Management & Scheduling

Manage small & large security teams with minute-by-minute remuneration, online check-in & check-out, SMS reminders and more - all in one straightforward management program.

"Get Scheduled were a pleasure to work with and we hope to work again with them in the future"

Antonia Beggs

Operations Manager

2014 Ryder Cup


Core Features

A small selection of the features on offer for improving security team efficiency and improving profitability.

  • Scheduling

    Quick & easy scheduleding with up to the minute data and never double book again

  • Stay compliant

    Report and track against the European working time directive

  • Remuneration

    Use by the minute remuneration option to link time & attendance with payment

  • Venues/locations

    Precise location details by email/SMS to ensure they arrive in the right place

  • Finance

    Manage rates, forecast and report all staffing costs

  • Email and SMS alerts

    Communicate quickly. Automatic alerts, shift reminders, and cancellations

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