System Features

Feature rich, but easy to use.

Get Scheduled has evolved from a bespoke tool developed for a major international event into a flexible, scalable scheduling system for teams of any size. World-class event and management professionals provided feedback and insight while using the early tools, so that now Get Scheduled is a fine-tuned, multi-faceted scheduling program for any and every scheduling eventuality. From simply scheduling workforces of 5-1000 people to recrutiment, reporting, forecasting and budgeting, Get Scheduled is an all-in-one online staff management portal for any sector.

Our modular format provides total flexibility, including functions like minute-to-minute renumeration, publicising vacancies, creating re-usable messaging templates to cut down on communication admin, and matching enrolled staff to shifts by skill, location or availability. If you don't need a function, it won't intrude on your workflow - tools can be added or removed with ease. Costs scale with the size of your team, not the range of features available, so you can use the full power of Get Scheduled for any size workforce, event or operation.

We pride ourselves on offering software that is easy to understand and intuitive to use, while being capable of impressive scale and flexbility to meet the biggest demands.

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System Features

System Features

We are feature-rich, but also management-minded. Get Scheduled won't drown you in unnecessary tools; it has been developed over years of use by small and large teams to be adaptable and flexible for your needs. Our aim is to cut your admin time, and your costs.

Advertise vacancies

Publish shifts to the user portal for staff or volunteers to book themselves

Auto Suggest

Auto-suggest people for roles allowing you to quickly fill shifts


Track and manage staff availability, holidays, sickness and absence

Barcode check-ins

Check in large volumes of staff quickly and easily with barcode scanning

Check-in and out

These capabilities enable easy monitoring of time and attendance

Mobile Phone

Check in by SMS

Unattended check in via SMS and know your staff are onsite


Quickly contact your staff by email and/or SMS with our communication module


Define contracts to manage work days, hours and annual leave


Track fulfilment, checked in staff, system alerts, quick links and more

Email and SMS alerts

Communicate quickly. Automatic alerts, shift reminders, and cancellations


Create unlimited events and shifts


Manage rates, forecast and report all staffing costs

File Sharing

Share files and allow staff to upload personal documents securely


Accept or decline shifts via email and SMS


Manage multiple projects in a single system


Use by the minute remuneration option to link time & attendance with payment


Create and share sophisticated and even schedule reports for delivery later

Roles & Skills

Define and assign unlimited roles and skills


Just like Outlook. Quickly create rotas for your staff


Quick & easy scheduleding with up to the minute data and never double book again


Attach notes to your workforce and use them to help you identify and scheduled


Manage workforces across multiple locations and time zones

Time & Attendance

Manage time and attendance with check-in and check-out capabilities

User Portal

Unique to each staff member. Check shifts, update details and share documents


Precise location details by email/SMS to ensure they arrive in the right place


The whiteboard view allowing you to forecast and plan resources quickly


Only charged when a user is scheduled. Full history retained for inactive users.

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