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In 2012 Team London Ambassadors consisted of over 7000 volunteers recruited from around London under the Mayor of London’s volunteering initiative, Team London.  Their role was to welcome visitors from all over the world during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to be the face of London.

With each Volunteer working a minimum of 6 shifts, at any of 50 locations around the capital, the program management team needed to have secure and instant access to plan, manage and monitor volunteer work schedules, track volunteer movements and capture real time  attendance data.  Ambassadors needed direct access to their own individual shift records, and Location Managers needed to be able to log Ambassador arrivals and departures from official Ambassador booth locations.

Following a public tender process, Get Scheduled delivered a scheduling solution accessible through simple interfaces at all Ambassadors locations ,and by Program management at their Ops Centre.

The solution combined a tried and tested core Workforce Management system, with specific custom  additional functionality, to address the unique operational needs of the Ambassadors program.

A period of process analysis and configuration was followed by a bulk data import, to pre-load all personal details and pre-agreed shift patterns. Custom interfaces were quickly configured for Managers, Helpdesk and GLA Staff, to ensure they had detail access and control of specific elements.

•Get Scheduled  created and scheduled  46,445 shifts spread across 48 sites and 8 job roles

•Over 11,300 volunteer details were imported – some  6959 became ‘Active’ with shifts.

•The system was accessed over 44,600 times, by web enabled  devices including PC’s, iPads and various smartphones.

•The management cell configured over 150 reports through out the duration of the Program

•The solution delivered  0% downtime and met all support Service Level Agreements.

Through connecting Volunteers directly to the scheduling system and giving the information they needed quickly and easily, not only was Program administration reduced, but Volunteers also become more connected and engaged, with many requesting extra volunteers shifts!

Mass communications and notifications saved significant man-hours,  and the ability to quickly see and alter deployments of staff at any given venue, was vital in ensuring  Ambassadors numbers were optimum for the demand at any location.




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