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Event Staff Logistics - 5 things to remember

Mar 19, 2014

Organizing a large workforce is a tough task that can be overwhelming and stressful at times, but there are some basic logistical rules which every event organizer should abide by. Sticking to these makes it...

5 Tips for Managing Volunteers and Major Events

Volunteers are essential for the successful running of any major event yet are often an undervalued and underused resource. To get the maximum benefit from your volunteers it is essential to manage them as you...

Scheduling Software - Staff Check-In Feature

Feb 14, 2014

Always know where you staff are with Get Scheduled’s staff check-in feature. With Get Scheduled managers are able to check staff in at locations via their user portal. Checking in staff creates a record of...

The 5 Golden Rules of Major Event Staffing

Feb 10, 2014

A major event has the potential to cause severe headaches for organizers but there are five golden rules that, if adhered to, should make everything run smoothly. Preparation – Ensure you hold a meeting with...

How Scheduling Software Helps Control Labour Costs

Following the downturn in the economy, the workplace has undergone immense and rapid changes in recent years. The pressure to compete effectively has compelled many companies to make drastic cuts in their operational costs in...

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