What are the Benefits of Scheduling Software

There are many ways to schedule your workforce including good old pen and paper (plus some tippex for any changes!) Excel, email calendars, diaries, and lots of emails and phone calls. Scheduling processes are most often time consuming and labour intensive, also prone to errors which can be expensive and frustrating. However there is the attitude of “this is how we have always done it” and with existing processes and staff to do it why change?

Following the rise of scheduling applications in the USA, UK organisations are now investing in workforce management and scheduling software solutions to help manage their staff and volunteers.

What are the benefits of scheduling software and why make the change?

  •   One central cloud based data base – easily store and share information
  •   Skill management – easily match tasks with those with the correct skill set
  •   Accuracy – set your own business rules and with scheduling software conflicts are impossible!
  •   Availability management – monitor employee availability and leave. Availability preferences can be set by staff or via request and approval message system
  •   Automatic email and/or SMS shift notifications and reminders – reduce phone calls and time spent informing people of their schedule and any changes
  •   On site check in, break tracking, simple relocation – increasing staff productivity
  •   Quick mass communication options to defined groups e.g. all in one role, all those working in one place, all not working etc. also perfect in emergencies.
  •   Financial planning – easily see and control labour costs
  •   Staff Portal – staff log into view schedule, related job files, set their availability, view vacancy postings, upload personal documents – quick and easy distribution of information – saving time and keeping people informed, 24/7 access


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