Need to promote vacant shifts in your organisation?

Jane Webber
May 10, 2016

Need to promote vacant shifts in your organisation?

If you aren’t using a workforce management solution you may end up spending hours just emailing or calling staff or volunteers to see if they are available.  The main issue is that you may not realise you have vacant shifts until it is too late.

Identifying technologies that best suit your organisation circumstances, be it paid staff or volunteers is a start and we don’t mean using Microsoft Excel as technology solution!

Upgrading your current manual workforce solution will help you transform the way you promote shift vacancies

Mobile devices

Mobile devices are at the forefront of any workforce management strategy.  Over 97% of your workforce will have a mobile phone.  Mobile devices allow people to be more informed and engaged.

Any good workforce management solution allows you to communicate via email, SMS about upcoming vacant shifts.  Some workforce management solutions allow staff to have their own individual portals allowing staff to log in,  check emails, view their upcoming shifts, download documents.

Importantly you can promote vacant shifts by promoting the shifts that suit specific people with specific skills by sending them emails and SMS allowing them to “bid” for a vacant shift.

Mobile devices let people be more informed and engage so why not use them to generate a system that improves employee experience.

If you employ contractors or freelancers having a workforce management solution allows them to search for shifts or projects that match or suit their skill sets and interact with you.

Integration and Automation

By investing in a workforce management solution, certain processes can increase organisational efficiency.   Research suggests that only 11% of companies who employ shift workers “use an automated callout tool or process” for unplanned absences and 37% simply “don’t fill the shift”

But what if not filling a shift isn’t an option for you?  The loss of productivity and business output could be avoided by making the decision to purchase an automated workforce management solution.

For example you can then

  • Fill vacant shifts promptly based on your organizational requirements
  • Let employees easily swap shifts or indicate availability
  • Notify both employer and employee immediately of any payroll discrepancies.

Data can also be collected and  integrated and analysed to produce productivity dashboards, providing real-time information and insights on employee performance. The reports can then isolate particular issue areas and assist with creating a culture of accountability.

The continual growth in new technology, coupled with a shift toward a more mobile workforce, means that the true assessment of an organisation’s workforce management effectiveness is reflected directly on the bottom line through enhanced productivity

Embracing innovative practices such as cloud-based applications, automated systems and data integration are key to generating increased productivity and managing regulatory and compliance requirements into the future.

Get Scheduled can help you get started by automating your workforce management.

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