The Benefits of Volunteer Management Software

Volunteer management is changing with much of the volunteering process now handled online. From websites advertising volunteering positions to volunteer management software with dedicated volunteer portals that allow volunteers to keep their own personal details up to date, securely share and view documents, and search and apply for volunteering opportunities.

But what is the advantage of managing volunteers using a dedicated volunteer management software solution?

  1.   Increase Engagement - Empower your volunteers with a dedicated volunteer portal where they can manage their own personal information and search and apply for volunteer positions of interest to them. Volunteer management software makes this process simple and interactive.
  2.  Reduce administration time - Volunteer management software most often includes automatic alerts. This means if something changing to a schedule, for example the volunteer is now required 1 hour later, the administrator can edit this within the system and this triggers an automatic alter to the effected volunteers information them of this change. This alert can be an email or SMS as required. Automatic notifications significantly reduce administration time required to communicate schedules and any changes to it with volunteers. You can also allow volunteers to select their own shifts if desired, again massively reducing the administration time required to select and schedule staff manually,
  3.  Access information from anywhere - Volunteers have access 24/7 to a full record of all shifts they have worked and a record of all communications in one handy place. They can also easily view related files for example Health and Safety documents or role requirements. This information can be used by volunteers to help create their CV and used by volunteer managers to monitor demand, attrition and development. With access from any Internet devise volunteer managers can contact volunteers en masse or individually and make any schedule changes from anywhere.
  4.  Learn more about your volunteers - With dedicated volunteer management software you can collect, and securely store, important information about your volunteers, for example their skills, interests, uniform size, dietary requirements, availability etc. Collecting this information allows you to care and cater for your volunteers needs and also use this information to contact or schedule those with specific interests or skills when there is a position to match.
  5.  Develop and reward - With sophisticated searching, communication and scheduling options you can easily find volunteers that are perfect for positions, based on skills and interests or recent opportunities completed. Volunteers are also able to search for any open shifts based on these factors allowing the easy development of interests and skills. Reports can be created and progression and dedication rewarded. A valued volunteer is sure to volunteer again.

Volunteer Management software like Get Scheduled reduces the administration time required to manage a volunteer programme and also increases volunteer engagement. For more information contact

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