The 5 Golden Rules of Major Event Staffing

Feb 10, 2014

A major event has the potential to cause severe headaches for organizers but there are five golden rules that, if adhered to, should make everything run smoothly.

Preparation – Ensure you hold a meeting with your event staff in the run-up to your event and explain to them exactly what they will be doing on the day(s) of the event. There is nothing worse or more unproductive than hiring a large number of people to help you run your event and not taking advantage of the time to fully brief everyone on their roles and responsibilities. By ensuring that every member of staff is up to speed with what they are required to do, you’ll not only free up more of your time on the day but also boost staff morale and reduce the likelihood of any big errors occurring during the event.

Logistics – Having to co-ordinate and manage the different elements of a major event can be problematic for even the most experienced of event organizers. Make sure that workforce management is a priority at your event and that everyone and everything is where it’s meant to be at the right time. The larger the event, the greater the task of trying to organize everything, so to ease the pressure on yourself, make sure that everything makes sense logistically before the event gets underway. If you are working with a large number of volunteers, invest in some volunteer management software to make your life easier.

Back up – As with any working environment, the majority of staff and volunteers at major events can be relied upon. However, as with most situations in life, there will usually be a handful of people who could let you down – whether this is by being late for a shift or even not turning up at all. Always ensure that you have adequate employee scheduling processes in place in case you ever need to call in back-up staff. It would be very frustrating to organize a great event with the most elaborate of entertainment but be let down by inadequate staffing.

Availability – As long as you’ve prepared well for your major event, the actual event itself should be relatively enjoyable. If that’s the case – as it should be – ensure you make yourself available for your staff and volunteers. It’s always nice to have face-to-face contact rather than simply hear someone’s voice over a walkie-talkie every now and again. Put a face to the voice and connect with your staff – people will instantly want to work harder and do better because it’s a far more personal way of communicating.

Appreciation – It may sound basic, but it’s surprising how many staff and volunteers tend to feel underappreciated. A simple thank you or a smile can do wonders and they cost nothing. There’s nothing worse than a division between management and the workers, so the best thing you can do is to get in there and really show them how grateful you truly are!


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